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Covill Tork

A popluar feature of the Coalville Historical Society newsletter is "Covill Tork". Here many examples of the Coalville and district dialect are given. Below are some examples of this rich dialect, often considered a foreign language to outsiders.

Click on the phrase to hear it spoken. This will open up a pop-up window to play the sound, if you have any kind of pop-up blocker the playback may not work.

The translation appears when the cursor is place over the relevant phrase.

1 Aysgewintayizaircropt

2 Enyergewintayertaythowt

3 Weeryofftewthen

4 Aywernocktofferizfate

5 Shaypictersenofferthepad

6 Thotbangfritmiterdeth

7 Yernivverorterdunnit

8 Comwimayonarlsayoreet

9 Aygenwunterimanwunterair

10 Ayotizbakatpitunivawoktagen

11 Ayazzaweshevryneetatom

12 Ayfelloffofisossnotissen

13 Woreeawreet?

14 Ayworreetasoat

15 Yermunnermeddlewithatmotor. Itinneryourn.

16 Sawreetashannaotit

17 Ayoopmissusenthemassteeratom?

18 Iaysoopthegardinwiisbods

19 Dunnabefrititwunnaotyuh

20 Weerdyulivthen

21 AhlivinUgglescutanaylivsinDunnitn

22 Mimamsgonterseemegrandad. Shewunnerbebacktiltermorrer

23 Appenyudbestcumtumorrer

24 Enyugotyertatersin?

25 Iagoteminafortnitago

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